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Its actually pretty difficult to monitor the Joe Rogan Supplements is taking. There`s a lot of misinformation out there. In this article I`ll attempt to clear up what we know, and cite sources for that information.

Brands & Products He Takes Daily – Joe takes Pure Encapsulations Athletic Pure Pack multivitamin. These packs are interesting in the sense that they contain a combination of vitamins & minerals, fish oils and things like creatine, co-enzyme q10 and alpha lipoic acid. Each pack contains:

In lots of ways they aim to become a one-stop shop for all your supplement needs. You are able to throw them in a bag when travelling, and also the pack would suffice with regards to your micronutrient needs. The multivitamin was confirmed by Joe with an Instagram post from 2013: Then most recently, within his podcast episode #802 with Tom Papa (from 2016) he specifically talks again about the Athletic Pure Pack multivitamin. See 1:08:50 (one hour, 8mins, 50s) for his mention of the multivitamin.

One important thing that is certainly interesting regarding the Athletic Pure Pack is that is possibly formed the inspiration for that Onnit Total Primate Care packs. Joe owns a large stake in Onnit, so I`d imagine he passed on the concept of daily sachets.

Total Primate Care (TPC) sachets look quite comparable to Althletic Pure Packs, because they`re sachets that have a lot of supplements within. One key difference is that Athletic Pure Packs contain much more essential micronutrients. Whereas TPC focuses more on nootropics & mushrooms. If you have to select between the two, it can make most sense to go for usually the one with increased essential micronutrients. It is because nootropics and mushrooms the body can perform without, but essential micronutrients are just that essential. The body *has* to have theme from external sources, as it cant synthesise them enjoy it can perform along with other things.

Joe is big into fish oils, and ensures they are a part of his daily supplement stack. In the above podcast it is possible to jump to 1:02:40 for discussion of fish oils, as well as its importance. In accordance with Joes Instagram post (from 2016), and also the YouTube tour of his vitamin cupboard (from approximately 2011), it seems Joe takes Carlsons Super Omega-3 Fish Oil.

Joe discusses the benefits of vitamin D in this particular podcast with Tom Papa. In his 2011(ish) video where he demos his supplement cupboard, it shows him taking Solgars D3 5,000iu, but which was a long time ago. Ever since then he has had Dr Rhonda Patrick on the podcast a number of times providing supplement advice. Specifically, Rhonda notes that whilst not enough vitamin D is bad, a lot of vitamin D can also be bad. She suggests the perfect range is a blood concentration between 40 60 ng/ml. Her typical dose of vitamin D3 is 4,000iu.

Joe`s athletic pure pack contains 500iu of D3 per packet, which means you would definitely want to add extra D3 supplementation. Dr Rhonda Patrick (who`s on Joe`s podcast a great deal) aims to keep up a blood concentration between 40 60 ng/ml. She typically consumes around 4,000iu which may mean you will need 4 of these capsules, on the top of the Athletic Pure Pack.

Joe has talked about supplementing glucosamine & chondroitin several different times. The very first is in an MMA underground forum post. Then in around 2011 Joe shows his glucosamine & chondratin supplement in the supplement cupboard. Joe trains hard on a regular basis, and likely takes this to keep his joints healthy.

I`ve grouped the Onnit products Joe takes within their own section, on the basis that he could have a slight bias towards these while he is a co-owner of the company. With that being said, he wouldn`t take them if he didn`t think they have got some use. Joe posted the below Instagram picture, suggesting which he takes these particular Onnit products from time to time:

Spirulina and chlorella are both blue-green algae that grow naturally in ponds and lakes. Spirulina was actually used as a food source for your Aztecs until the 16th century. Among the soldiers of the Spanish conquistador Cort`s wrote about how exactly the Aztecs would harvest spirulina from Lake Texcoco, later turning it into cakes that would be sold. Contains all the essential proteins which is very helpful for vegetarians and vegans who can`t get the full spectrum from animal products

The intent with Alpha Brain is to offer nootropic like benefits using non prescription substances. The heavy hitting nootropics/stimulants are things like modafinil, Ritalin (methylphenidate) and adderall (25% levoamphetamine salts & 75% dextroamphetamine salts). The issue with nootropic drugs like these is the fact they`re so strong, users usually have non-optimal come downs after. As an example, if you take adderall to become more productive, you may have a super productive day 1 but day 2 productivity (off adderall) might be sub-par. At which point in the event you net out your two days you might not be up in overall productivity levels. One option is to dose again on day 2, but this behaviour is not really sustainable. Although for single day deadlines, including students cramming to satisfy a deadline, you can see how these powerful stimulants became popular.

Alpha Brain then is really a nootropic thats a notch underneath the aforementioned stimulants. However the flip side is it ought to be more sustainable to take more than a longer duration, without a lot burn out. Joe is a fan, and trzmfa consumer of Alpha Brain. However, he notes that all the components are on the label/website, and could be bought separately for less. His recent thing is to combine Alpha Brain Instant (which is flavoured powder form of regular Alpha Brain) with an exogenous ketone supplement called Kegenix:

There`s lots of ketone supplements available but what sets this in addition to the crowd could be the hybrid formula. Rather than just including exogenous ketone salts (Beta-hydroxybutyrate), they add in medium chain triglycerides. This results in a more durable boost to ketones than including BHB salts by themselves.

Hopefully the above mentioned article has given a window of understanding of these products Joe is taking, along with their potential efficacy. Certainly the best set of vitamin and mineral packs, omega-3s and vitamin D3 are crucial for maintaining health. Vitamins, minerals and omega-3s are what are called essential micronutrients, and we need to consume them for our bodies to remain healthy. There exists super interesting research into how even mild micronutrient deficiencies with time could cause adverse reactions, including DNA damage. See Dr Rhonda Patrick`s interview with Bruce Ames for more information on that. And if you enjoy that video, also see his IHMC talk which is put into more detail.